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Improve your knowledge of the English language and bring pronunciation close to native level. Practice your speaking and improve your vocabulary with our online lessons. Choose your English course level and start learning online today. Take any of our high-quality online English lessons and improve your English-speaking skills along with your grammar, reading, and writing. Change course at any time with our self-paced learning system.

We provide a wide range of different courses which are tailored for all students and enable learning different subjects in English(Mathematics, Physics, History, Geography, Science…). Our native level English-Japanese and English-Chinese bilingual teachers are highly skilled in preparing the student to the highest of international quality standards. Linguigo offers exam prep- classes which allow students to prepare and cram better for their international standardized tests such as IELTS, TOEFL, PET, CAE…

Students all over the world choose Linguigo as their main source of English learning. Join us and start learning English in a friendly international environment.

Enhanced online learning experience for young students

Linguigo provides students with the best online learning platform available on the market. Learning English in our online classrooms is fun, simple, and highly interactive. Exceptionally skilled and experienced teachers ensure that our students, especially the younger ones, successfully improve their language skills in a safe and educational environment.

Excel faster with our excellent native teachers

Linguigo courses are also a great choice for older students. We provide an exceedingly flexible curriculum, this is especially useful for older students. Our native teachers help students achieve the best results in the shortest time. The flexibility of both the curriculum and native teachers is greatly tailored to the student’s needs.

Star teachers

Angela Brooks

Maureen Davis

Dora Millen

Alex Stone

Chloe Johnson

Jack Welles

Marc Irwin

Michael Valder